Forrester Birth


The Forrester family is full of some extremely strong people. Gabe and Tarah were expecting their first child, Baby Liam, to be born sometime in the middle of February. What a gift! The first weekend of December, little Liam had his own idea of when it was time to enter this world. At just 30 weeks, Tarah went into pre-term labor for 11 hours. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at Good Sam and Riverbend Hospital, they slowed Tarah’s contractions and prescribed her to bed rest. The Forrester family then spent a total of 29 days in the hospital the following 2 months; the idea that Liam would make it to full term was not in sight or mind. But with the sacrifice and self control of bed rest for days, weeks, months…Little Liam stayed inside his mommy for the perfect amount of time.

Saturday January 31, I received a text message around 12:30 pm from Tarah: “Contractions 2 min apart. Going to the hospital. Will let you know more when we get there.” Something inside me said, “this is it!” Shortly after that message, Gabe called me and that is when I knew: it is time.

I packed my bags and hurriedly called my husband to turn the car around to come pick me up. Little Liam is coming! I arrived to the hospital and entered room 4105 to hear a laboring woman getting through contractions. I stood over her, placed my hand on her head, and looked into her eyes: tears rushed forth and my heart swelled for this beautifully strong woman! She was so strong! Finally, the time was here! She would not be leaving the hospital without a bundle of warm life.

Gabe served his wife so beautifully during this time. He supported her emotionally and physically; he heated the tub water; he did whatever was necessary. Tarah’s mom Tina was an amazing support. It brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions to see this family support one another. It is truly indescribable.

I have to add this portion in because it is actually amazing: Tarah pushed for only 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES! This girl is so strong, so courageous, so motivated. The average pushing for a first time mom ranges from 30 minutes to 3 hours, leaning more towards to 2-3 hours. When Little Liam emerged at 6:26 pm, everyone in the room was ecstatic – tears were flowing from every single eye.

Liam Michael Forrester
8 pounds 14 ounces
21 inches
Born at 6:26 pm on January 31, 2015

See below a few of my favorite shots from Liam’s birth:



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