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Bethany Birthing Samara

What an honor to be a part of Bethany’s birth experience! Bethany hired me as her Doula and Birth Photographer; her family was very supportive and involved which freed me to serve and support as her advocate, lead her family in ways necessary, as well as snap some great shots of her experience.

Bethany’s strength and dignity during labor and delivery was supernatural. She was beautiful and mighty as she and her supportive husband Ben worked hard to bring baby Samara into this world. Bethany gave birth at Growing Family Birth Center in Lebanon, OR. The midwives there are amazing!

Around 4 pm on Monday the 14th day of April, 2014, Bethany’s husband messaged me informing me that her contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart. I ate some dinner, packed my bag and headed to Lebanon!

When I arrived, her contractions were closer, harder, faster. Ben was finishing up a beautiful painting on her baby bump of an Easter egg. I was able I snap a few beautiful shots before I washed it all off with a warm wash cloth. 5:30 pm. It was GO time.

I quickly started the birthing tub with warm water. Bethany’s sister Leisel was amazing and a major part of Bethany’s labor and delivery. As the tub filled, Leisel and I worked together to relieve Bethany of her contractions by doing hip compressions and rubbing essential oils into her ankles. Within the hour, Sweet Pea arrived! It was quicker than anyone had imagined, but it was perfect and miraculous. Her sister caught Samara as planned and dad cut the cord. This was a birthing experience I’ll never forget.