Amber bringing Jonah into the world


The word that is on repeat when I think back to Amber’s birth. She amazed me through her entire labor and delivery. Around 7 pm Tuesday the 21st, I got a text, “I’m in labor.” My heart pounded, I said a prayer, and I was excited! But also it hit me: she is 3 weeks before due date! When baby is ready, baby comes.

I called her and she shared when her water began to break in the Safeway parking lot. She then proceeded to get checked in at the hospital and they indeed concluded, “You are in labor.”

I left my Youth Ministry event, broke into my apartment window (didn’t have a house key!), grabbed my doula bag and drove to Albany. As I pulled into the dark parking lot, I prayed that I would be of service to Amber and her birth team.

When I entered around 8 pm, the room was calm, the atmosphere peaceful. Her contractions were mild and sporadic. Joel (Dad) and Marcy had already arrived, which was perfect

As the night rolled on and labor progressed, I did my best to guide her birth team (closest friends & dad) in bringing her comfort. They were amazing! They wanted to do as much as possible to bring Amber comfort.

We did our best to serve Amber as she made her way through each contraction. Let me tell you: she was STRONG! I was so honored to serve her during this monumental time. I cannot say that enough: what an honor!

See below the progression of her 16 hour labor.

The arrival of Jonah Royal Dahl was at 9:17 a.m, Wednesday 22, 2014 at Albany General Hospital



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