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Alston Wedding Shower || Sunny & foresty

Having men and women celebrate both the bride + groom brings the entire party together as it should be.
Leave the lingerie party for the females and the camping in the woods for the men. But lets all gather together to celebrate what two beautiful humans are making a commitment to do: remain husband and wife til death do them part, serving the Lord God and each other, as they grow more into His likeness. So much goodness here, we must celebrate!

Aaron and Kiley are two of my favorite people. She is full of wit and the best kind of humor. Her heart is tender and submissive to the Lord. She cares about others, she is completely competent, and strives for excellence in all she does. Kiley’s love for life and for Aaron, her light-hearted joy, is an example for us all. Kiley blesses me. Aaron is one of the worship leaders in our church. He works 40 hours a week doing things with tools and manly-man things that I don’t understand, and spends his Saturdays and Sundays building up the community of Corvallis Church. He has one of the most tender hearts and his adoration for Kiley inspires all who witness it.

Their love is bigger than themselves. It is the love that can only come from Jesus. It is inspiring and moving and beautiful. Also, have I shared that they will be our neighbors? Let the sugar and butter sharing commence!

Below is a photo recap of their wedding shower:




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