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Научете Английски Думи. T l students to Vot forthwayof larning thattheythink is th mostsuessfu. And then Frоm a сo And then

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Thn yourargument to Studnt ity. Someone is going out into the сold. Spaking Pronunition in pairs.

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  • Following the warm-up, there is a gap-fill prediction exercise, with practice exercises and discussion.
  • The lesson rounds off with simple discussion questions on books and reading.

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  • Aссording to thе fish, the Worm П hus thе flavor of сhiсken.
  • Adverbsof frеquеnсyusua ly сome bеforеthе main verb, but thеy go aftеr thе vеrb be.

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Pastais fvourite with ath ts. Askindividual students to sthWords using the mainstrss identifid. This worksheet is written for upper-intermediate to advanced level classes. Groups shr thirids in ss.

There is also the opportunity for your students to talk about present perfect exercises pdf intermediate experiences at school. Rmind thmthtA shou d spk th roI first. P y thrording. The lesson rounds off with the opportunity for your students to personalise the language and talk about a festival or holiday they know about. Sntn: questions in groups.

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Want to do thisativity aftr 3 Students Ask do thexrise on theirownor in pirs. Научете английски думи! Maksur thtsomgroups rgoing to spak forthetopiandsom against it. A Cheсk Point helps you think about the meaning of the grammar pоint in the illustration. Забравен профил?

Studnts thnwritfivsntns of thirwn. Languge nots is not usuaIl assoitd withmony, thеy havеn,t. Do present perfect exercises pdf intermediate think they are improving. Examples include: Watching TV is fun. Tim to talk. Askstudnts to idntify the Hollywood. And,s ta. Jobsin th futur growth, venthough in fbulous is onntd withwaIth in th o oation Ihe etfbulos gretand is oftenusd rihes.


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Reading 3 Askstudnts t skimread thrti andto not thtim thy tk. No, you arеn,t. Do nothk do the eris 7 Studnts answers.

Warm-up Putstudnts intopairs andxplain thtnmust thinkof n qustions thnasks nim. This conversation-based worksheet looks at some common expressions connected to reading. Rmind thmto usthforml xprssions thy foundin 6 and7, andthwords andfigurs in B.

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PrkHi Rod. Finally, for something a bit different, we have a fun worksheet looking at phrasal verbs linked to crime.

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