Passive voice exercises pdf pre intermediate

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Напишете изречението в страдателен залог: Jared will tell you later. You hvseen You Iiketnnisand hvep ayed it sin the suess of Serena you Wre young.

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LhoYing 16 Rmind studnts thattheyshou d a wys hk thir writtn work. Inthsampairs rfrring to th pitures studnts disuss thequstion possibIe. Bfor hrtristis. Grammar hek Logialonlusionsabout th prsent Uses 1 Studnts th disuss in pairs asthydo th xeris. Answr thquestions ora as ass. Dspit bing mmber of thentionltem,he bem ddited to drugsnd lohol.

Support fromthfamiIy if hiIdrn arto st,ldss. You. PIa th reording. Now,I works a look. Body language StudntA Part 1 .

Askstudnts sndwih srported thothrustomer under in speh. ThiswilIhlpthm liis th importan in of making it Ir whthings happn story.

Verb Patterns (Materials) G

Studnts mk notes on th points to be ovrd. Wher do ou rd? I approhed -. Warm-up lookat the piturs on pg Students writthirlttrs ithr in lass or for homwork. Writinga Ittrgiving advi pags home-st visit SB Itarm-up 1 students ook t thdvrtismnt for a hom-stay stud oUrse on page You mustb vrvtird..

  • Iisten on y. Tellstudents to imagin that goodnglish frind of thirs is oming to theirountry fora hom-sty visit.
  • Да се преведе ли описанието на български с Google Преводач? At thisstag it dosn,t mttr if theusth prsnt tens or the pasttns.

Play th reording. Studnts mnd to do thisin pairs. Givehof th groups sixof thwords in th ist on wordn b left out. Askstudnts to Iisten to findout whih fmous the oupl armntiond Bms. Nikturned off hishlmet wr so oldtht Thy disuss thediffrns in usof pitals, shouId to idntify diffrns b b hoos onor postrophs.

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A omputer wil automatialIy know whenyou need moretoothpaste, roI s, toiIet et,and you ordeit without having to do anything. Whtdo I partiuIarly Iikboutthe job?

Writ thirides n th bord anddisuss nythatstudnts arspia y intrestd in.

Askstudnts WriIe onrh andRpubli to whtthyknowboutthse workin pairs to brinstorm two nd Askthmto thinkof advntags forms of ru e. So instd of ritiising him,w shouId ongratuIate himl. T l students to Vot forthwayof larning thattheythink is th mostsuessfu. Divide the bord intothre oIumns nd rord theirvots and rasons Iike this: Pitur 1 top Vots 2 Reasons intersting, disip ind, edz: II studnts thtyouargoing to playthe reording twie.

Studnts disuss howthwords areusedin Studnts omp t thesentnes on passive voice exercises pdf pre intermediate. Taling about ruls and rogulations. Be be givento eahperson.

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TV,hungr, romane, I. N4onitor to maksurtherusing thfutur if ntssary. Forpoint 5,t I thmto mkth intersts spifi, for xamp : reding sien just not rding.

Studnts do th xris on thirown.

  • Rading pgs for pleasure anb usdin Iass or t nom.
  • Studnts maknotes undr h hading.
  • Monitor andhk students rusing th orrt formaI languag.
  • Studnts hkthe answerswith the ss.

Givethmtwo thrtiI. Monitor and provid h pif nssary. Pitur is sitting n t. Studnts did on thirownwhat th pop e might wish! Thtimeis 1. Tho right r. P ay thsong?

Dothisby writing th orrt vrsion of the ettr on th board or n overhad yous ouwrit.

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DisUss thquestion as ass. Extnsion o- Pa6t imploand propoaition of tim 61 2 3 4 5 took,no prposition, saw in,visitd. Givethmtwo thrtiI.

Phrasal vrbs 5 1 brought aboutb 2 omup gainst d 3 ounting on a 4 b up to 5 workout 6.

Doribing abllitios 8 eII studnts andto hk to santhetxtto findthwords howthyarusedin thtxt. Ask tthxamp studnts to lk rfu y andto mak note ofthe anguag hanges. Playth rording Iisten for an missing gin.

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