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Why are you carrying so much [stuff]? Shes always cold, and hes hot. Im never at home.

Dad, Dad, I learned to swim! There is a dog barking somewhere. Its clear to me what its about, is it clear to you? Does anyone have salt? Little children believe in Torbalan and are afraid of him. But how is it that your mother didnt come to the wedding? He started to weep from the pain.

For more on the difference in meaning and usage of these two verbs, see Lesson. Angel looks and him and thinks [to himself] What kind of a man is this. Not all women work only in the home. Home News Alphabets Phrases Search! I was looking out the window.

April 13, at PM.

Omniglot is how I make my living. There is missing one very common phrase! Little children believe in Torbalan and are afraid of him. Twenty-four literally: the 24th. The kebabs are also for the other passengers in the compartment.

  • Are you getting off at the next stop?
  • Thank you!

She reads fast? Both brothers drive [their cars] in exactly the same way. Lets go! Where is this bottle. I dont know exactly, they do think up something different every year.

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Purely hypothetical statement pondering the consequences of a purely hypothetical event the earth opening up. Yesterday I saw Georgi on the street. Третото заседание на комитета беше проведено през изминалата седмица.

I dont like those kind of jokes.

Log In! We wont stay long in Sofia. Either Bobby or me? Will you come with me. Как си.

In this video you will learn the most important words in Bulgarian:

Whats the trouble? At home theres another surprise awaiting you. Milena Stoykova! Bulgarians drink red wine. Last year when I was in Sofia on business, I went there every evening with [my] friends.

I shut it up in the bathroom, its still very young. Please vote in the poll below for the option that works best for you. Iskren says:. The patient is lying on the bed. Tell your wife answer to thank you in bulgarian I expect her to call me tomorrow morning. Thats where I have to transfer to the other train, here we are home at last.

My children love their grandmothers. But thats awful. In Varna.

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Kamen helped us too. Angel isnt here. Hypothetical, potentially factive situation, which refers to a hypothetical but still likely event in the future the people calling the interlocutor.

Не разбирам Ne razbiram. Isnt it enough for you that Im here. Without, because I have two [loaves of] bread in the train. Kamen is able to count to ten.

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How was the trip? What kind of book is this?

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