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It wasnt sunny and warm and we didnt go for a walk on Sunday afternoon. But Im good at sport. What was the postman doing at 5 am this morning?

See you. F In water polo there are two teams of 7 players. Describe their clothes. Follow 8 as a model. Do you listen to loud music?

In your notebooks, complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb be. In your notebooks, put the verbs in the Present Simple or the Present Continuous. Why dont you calm down. Listen to the pieces of music. Correct the spelling mistakes in the words below. Did you play any sports.

Copy the table in your notebooks.

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See you there. Write numbers in the boxes. Use the words in 3 and describe these people as in the model. I know its delicious.

And you are in class 5E. Did you go out with friends? Mr Harris, the headmaster, came to our classroom in the long break yesterday.

Then answer the questions. Listen to Joanna. You may use some of them more than once. Did your Mum and Dad go to London last month. Christy hasnt got a favourite singer. Read these sentences. There I can read and listen to the music I like?

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Was Martins dad driving to the airport at 11 oclock last night? You know that when we talk about yesterday, we use the Past Simple. In your notebooks, put the words in the correct order.

Which is their favourite magazine. Write the Present Continuous form of the verb. Are there two sports magazines on your desk? Answer Daniels letter. Were Nelly and her friend talking on the phone at 7 oclock this morning. Suggested answers: 2.

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Did Alex find his socks under his bed? Водещи класации. A: Do you know these boys?

F She was doing karaoke on the balcony. Then say the name of the sport. When did they celebrate his birthday. Yes, she is. Read the texts in 2 again and the sentences below. Geography. This is the name of a town in North Wales.

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Listen to the dialogues. Режисьор Elizabeth Banks. Sing is the musical comedy event of the year! Put the verbs in the Past Simple and complete the story in your notebooks.

Shes awesome. Check their meaning in your Wordlist? Read the text again and the sentences below. How do you greet people on these days!

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It looks like a Barbie doll.

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We use the Present Simple to talk about habits, likes and dislikes. Is there a poster of a singer in your bedroom?

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Only one?

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