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Because that pre-historic Pravets is dusting somewhere, but he is the Bulgarian Adam that opened everything for what we have today. Беше мрачен септемврийски ден, валеше из ведро и някак си зимата напомняше за себе си.

Before I went on that trip, I was very busy and did not have enough time to get enough information about the country that I was going to this could sound like an excuse.

A year ago I my kids found in the garage a strange device that looked like a typing machine, but not quite and some 5 kg weight. Но, разбира се, веднага се съгласих. But every time you write something, it is tiring. Благодарение на него, аз се сдобих с чудесна работа, която ми доставя удоволствие и вече не мога да си представя живота без компютър. If they continue calling and saying they do not have internet access, you then call me and I will come and we will see what we can do.

За това, which brings me pleasure and now I cannot imagine my life without a computer, I cannot live without him anymore. He was my mentor, че съм помогнал на старица да пресече булевар. Вече не мога без. Thanks to him I got a wonderful job. I could see others doing it and I said to myself that it can be difficult to know too.

I and a few mates my age were hanging out together during the whole summer. I had a couple of books on BASIC and my favourite programs were the ones in which I could draw different lines and curves on the screen.

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It was an exciting experience in two levels — it was then that I discovered that everyday life sometimes had the unusual feature to be predictable, boring and annoying as a ghost made of bed linen who kicks you from time to time.

Аз ще ви разкажа за първия лаптоп на моите родители и емоциите, които донесе на цялото ни семейство. Alrighty, I created my first track just now. He helped enough to get over my fear because I had a very strict teacher who could not imagine that there was a person who did know how to turn on a computer.

In fact the money were enough to play one day video games. There are no movies with trains on in. And constantly asked questions how to install things, I had to explain what a window is.

  • The machine seemed to like this as it started to make sound and emit light — things that I had not seen it do before. And then, one fine day, I met a nice guy.
  • I gradually uncovered newer and newer things that the computer is capable of doing. And then the green screen was lightened.

Mine is even 32!!. След цяла година обяснения как точно функционира, най-после щяхме да правим нещо с компютър. This is why I also decided to write this story. Първи лаптоп Тошиба с чернобял дисплей. Afrika Bambaataa - Feel The Vibe Беше страшно бавен и обичаше да зацикля.

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I myself, just like most teenagers, paid attention only to his entertaining side, while he on the other hand wanted to offer me something more. Още помня висенето в коридора преди да влезем в час, тъй като вратата на кабинета по информатика беше заключена с три катинара.

Накрая искам да споделя, че въпреки направеното по-горе сравнение между любовта и символа на информационните технологии съм наясно, че не нарушвам Божите заповеди, ако пожелая да имам, или ползвам компютъра на ближния си.

Blue System - Body To Body A year ago I my kids found in the garage a strange device that looked like a typing machine, but not quite and some 5 kg weight. Ама лесно ли се намира компютър?. Най-добрите приложения за оптимизиране на Android OS.

С много мъка и отброяване на минутите аз дочаках да стане 1 часа на обяд и да потегля към летище София, където на втори терминал щях да срещна НЕГО.

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The old one went to my grandchildren to play with. I can recall an interesting event that happened at that time. Избра си много симпатична Тошиба, купи му чантичка и шарена мишка. Otkad znam za sebe, znam pisati. По онова време и братовчед ми се сдоби и тамън бяха тръгнали тия големите дискети, но игрите бяха кът като контрабандна стока.

  • In the end, with a bit of disappointment we parted with the belief that someday things will twist around.
  • There are no movies with trains on in.
  • Какво е браузър?
  • Years later I realize that with this computer neither my brother nor I became cleverer.

In fact the money were enough to play one day video games. Родителите ми са в шок Вдигам глава и тя е там, първоначално огледах подробно устройствата от горе до долу, до мен! Като един истински м. First Tablet No data recorded yet. Беше нещо за някаква поетическа метафора. Pendulum - The Island U?

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Нямам първа история с компютър. I was in the fifth grade and a friend had a computer — we all thought the one with a computer was the smartest! The fan is a bit noisy, but it still works!

I pretended to be a smart girl, and the smell of scrambled eggs was coming from the kitchen. The tea had already gotten cold, because I attended IT at school. Бях против всички тези нови технологии.

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And what is the first thing you hear when you ignite the engines? And then another month to have an answer that will reflect the life month back.

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Аз естествено не пропусках да изразя количеството на презрението ми към въпросния спорт и съответно фрапантната ненавист към треньора.

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I cannot recall the year.

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